Nampa School District
Open Enrollment Program


According to Idaho Code (33-1402 and 1404), parents may request to transfer their student(s) to a school outside their residence zone. The law also requires the following:


  • Transfer applications must be completed no sooner than the first business day of January and completed by Jan. 31st for the following school year.
  • Students cannot be accepted into an out of zone school unless there is space available.
  • Schools must serve the students within their zones first, consider in-district transfers next, and finally, consider out of district transfers if there is room.
  • All application forms are to be filled out at the Nampa School District Office. We accept applications from Parents/Guardians only.
  • After the deadline, the District projects how many students each school can expect for the next year and how much room there will be for transfers.
  • For families who have extenuating circumstances which make it unable to comply with the Jan. 31st deadline a short Open Enrollment window will be opened from Aug. 15 to the last business day of August.  Applications received during that time will be considered following the Labor Day holiday. It is imperative that students are registered in and attending their zoned school.


The following factors also need to be considered before deciding to apply for open enrollment:


  • Each open enrollment is granted for one academic year at a time. Therefore, even if students have open enrollment status this year, their parents/guardians will need to re-apply for next year.
  • Parents need to be prepared to provide transportation. No bus transportation is available between school zones.
  • A student’s legal full-time residence, not the address of his/her daycare, determines his/her zone school.
  • We make every effort to keep families together in the open enrollment process, but we are unable to guarantee open enrollment approval for all siblings.
  • First priority is granted to those students currently transferred through the open enrollment process.
  • Additionally, secondary students need to consider the athletic eligibility question. See “Athletic Eligibility Requirements.” These requirements apply equally to all Idaho public high school students, 9th through 12th grades.  




  • High school students approved for open enrollment will not be eligible to participate in sanctioned activities for one calendar year from the date of enrollment. 
  • A student that makes a “bona fide” move with his/her family, at any time shall be athletically eligible. A bona fide move is defined by the Nampa School District as a move that fits the following parameters:

o    Includes the entire, immediate family; and

o    The new residence is the primary and permanent address; and

o    All children in the family attend the schools within that attendance zone.  

  • Students that are 18 years of age or older may not transfer schools independently of their parents or guardians and fall under the same policies that define a “bona fide” move.  
  • Power of Attorney changes do not transfer athletic eligibility. The Student's eligibility remains in the attendance zone where the parents live. Power of Attorney issues need to be reviewed every 6 months.  


If a student's parents are divorced, have joint custody, and live in separate attendance zones or districts, the student may attend in either school as long as the intent is to stay for the entire year. Athletic eligibility falls under the Idaho High School Activities Association rules.